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Stacked Books

It is the policy of the Grant County Library to provide materials during hours of operation.

Hours of operation are:








9:00AM - 7:30PM

9:00AM - 4:30PM

9:00AM - 4:30PM


9:00AM - 4:30PM

10:00AM - 2:00PM


Operation hours are subject to change for various reasons and will be posted in advance by the library director

Obtaining a library card:

Grant County residents may apply for a library card to entitle them to borrow library materials. Applicants applying for a library card must provide the following:

1. Name

2. Government-issued Photo ID

3. One Item Proving Address (I.E.: Mail with the name and address of County Tax Receipt/Assessment.)

4. Telephone Number

5. One Reference: Name and phone number of someone not living at the same address.

Library cards are available for children. However, any patron 17 years or younger must be linked to an adult library account, and the adult must sign the application accepting fiscal responsibility for the juvenile account.

Non-Resident/ Gateway Card Holders:

There is a 10.00-dollar charge ($10.00) for all non-residents of Grant County to have a library card, except for residents located outside of Grant County but within the Sheridan School District.

Gateway cards are still available to current library patrons with accounts in good standing; however, many libraries are no longer accepting them.  It is the patron's responsibility to inquire from  another library if they are still accepting Gateway cards  and what fees are associated.

Mid Arkansas Regional Library System includes the following counties:

Cleveland, Dallas, Grant, Malvern-Hot Springs, and Saline County.

Lost or Misplaced Cards:

The first card issued is free. Replacement cards a $2.00 each. All lost cards should be reported immediately to ensure that unapproved checkouts are not allowed. Replacement cards will only be replaced if an ID is presented at the time of replacement. 

Change of Address / Account Updates:

It is the patron's responsibility to inform the library of any address or contact informaion changes.

The library maintains the right to update account information as needed or as policy dictates. Accounts must be updated a minimum of once per year.

Borrowing Policy:

Library materials are circulated with the following rules:

Books and Audio Books

Video Games

Rod and Reels

DVD & Blu-Ray


21 Days; 2 renewals, no limit per household.

14 Days; 1 renewals, limit of 2 per household.

14 Days; 1 renewals, no limit per household.

7 Days; 1 renewals, limit of 6 per household.

7 Days; 1 renewals, no limit per household.

Items may be renewed by phone or in person in accordance with the material listed above unless the item is on hold for another patron. The patron to whom the card is issued to is responsible for all items checked out on the card regardless of if they were present at the checkout.


Any item may be placed on hold for a library patron. If a patron has fines or overdue items, they shall not no be permitted to place library materials on hold. There is a maximum of three (3) holds per library card.


Some items may be subject to a deposit. This is not to be done for the limitation of access, but for the preservation of items that are often stolen or damaged. When a deposit item is returned, the original form of payment will be returned to the patron in the amount of their deposit.

Care of Library Items:

All Library materials are expected to be returned in the same condition as it was when it was checked out. It is the patron's responsibility to check an item for damage and report it as such prior to checking out an item. Damaged library materials must be paid for before any other library materials can be borrowed. Failure to return clean, properly used materials will result in library privileges being revoked and charges for the repair or replacement.

Material Replacement:

If an item or items must be replaced, patrons will be charged the replacement cost for the materials plus a processing fee. Processing fees reflect the library's loss of staff time to replace misused or damaged materials. See Fines and Fees for the amount.

Fines and Fees:

Fines are charged on all overdue items. Fines are accrued per the following:

All materials are charged at then cents ($0.10) per day with a five-dollar ($5.00) maximum per item.

Lost Charges: Replacement Cost (as assigned in system), $5.00 processing fee, and any late fees accrued. Replacement costs are charged on all lost or damaged items. Items are considered lost if a patron reports an item as such or if an item is overdue for more than three (3) months.

Fines and fees that accumulate over seventy-five ($75.00) dollars and/or are owed for six (6) months or more are subject to being reported to a collection agency and to criminal charges.

Those owing five dollars ($5.00) or more in fines or fees will be prohibited from checking out additional items or using library computers. For patrons with fines, guest passes may be granted for computer use once arrangements for payment have been made.

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