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It is part of the Library's function to provide access to intellectual, informational, and cultural resources of the community. Exhibits and bulletin boards may be planned to direct the public's attention to the materials and services of the Library itself. Exhibits of local interest are also to be featured

The Library Bill of Rights, as amended in 1980 by the American Library Association, states, "Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affirmations of individuals or groups requesting their use." Therefore, the Grant County Library's exhibit spaces and bulletin boards will be available to non-profit groups or individuals for educational, civic, cultural, or recreational displays but not for commercial purposes. Use by the public does not imply endorsement or approval by the Grant County Library of the beliefs, positions, or actions of anyone using the exhibit spaces or bulletin boards.

The following guidelines have been established to govern the use of the exhibit spaces and bulletin boards:

A.  Exhibit/bulletin board spaces will not be made available to any non-profit person/groups if, in the opinion of the Library Director, the group's exhibits or displays would interfere with the normal operations of the Grant County Library.

B.  In order to ensure the equitable availability of the exhibit/bulletin board spaces, use by any non-profit person/group may be limited at the discretion of the Director.

C.  All exhibits and bulletin displays are subject to cancellation if the Library requires use of the exhibit/bulletin board spaces. In such cases the Library will notify the provider as soon as possible.

D.  Exhibit/bulletin board spaces will not be available to any person/group who has demonstrated unreliability regarding content.

E.  An organization or individual denied use of exhibit/bulletin board spaces may appeal to the Director for reconsideration by submitting a written request for reinstatement which shall include name, address, and telephone of the individual and the name of the organization. The Library Director or Library Board will issue a decision wihtin 30 days of the next Board Meeting.

F.  Users of exhibit or bulletin board space shall be residents of Grant County. Government entities are exempt from this requirment.

G.  Exhibits and bulletin board displays in the Library are seen by anyone who walks into the Library. This includes both children and adults. Therefore the materials in exhibits and displays must meet what is generally known as a "standard acceptable to the community."

H.  Prices of exhibit pieces may not be posted. A sign stating that purchase transactions are between the purchaser and the exhibitor may be posted. The Library shall not receive fees, commissions, or other forms of remuneration for items which have been sold in the exhibit. The Library will not act as an agent between the buyer and the seller.

I.  Exhibit pieces or bulletin board displays may not be removed before the designated end of the exhibit.

J.  While the Library welcomes displays, exhibits, and bulletin boards, the Library will not be held liable in the event of damage or loss of any materials not owned by the Library which are on exhibit in any area of the Library. The exhibitor will be liable for any damages to the Library building or its contents if damages occur in the course of setting up, taking down, or displaying the exhibit.

K.  Handbills or notices are not to be distributed in the Library without prior approval of the Library Director.

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